DNFM - High Stim Pre-Workout

Size: 40 servings
Flavour: Apple Sourz
Sale price£29.16


DNFM ! New Pre Workout Stim

Now Available in 3 flavours – Apple Sourz, Candy and Sour Cherry

Our strongest ever pre workout…By a long way!

This one is only for those that enjoy a heavy stim before their workout,

We have combined all 3 of the strongest stims on the market right now: juniper berry, kigelia and juglans. We are the only stim on the market using all 3, so be warned & use carefully!

Start with just 1 scoop, before moving to 1 and half and then only 2 scoops if you can tolerate it, or if you are used to taking high stim pre workouts.

We advise not taking this after 5pm or you simply will not sleep, If you train in the evening, we advise Pumpage plus a very weak coffee as your pre workout of choice.


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