Ultimate Intra Pump

Size: 20/40 servings
Flavour: Boom Boom Pow
Sale price£29.99


Introducing the Ultimate Intra Pump by GORILLALPHA - the perfect all-in-one, non-stim, intra-workout pump matrix that aims to take your workout to the next level. This product is designed to help you reach your true potential by providing clinical dosages of patented ingredients that have been evaluated in studies for their performance-enhancing benefits.

Each serving of Ultimate Intra Pump features a highly dosed EAA blend that supports muscle growth and recovery. The pump formulation contains Glycersize™, Nitrosigine®, and $7° (exact ingredient unknown), which are known to enhance muscle pumps and nutrient delivery. The energy blend is powered by Palatinose™ and Senactiv®, providing a steady and sustained release of energy throughout your workout.

Proper hydration is essential during exercise, and Ultimate Intra Pump has got you covered with its carefully crafted blend that includes Cocomineral*, Himalayan Pink Salt, and a well-dosed electrolyte combination. This blend can help prevent cramping and fatigue while improving overall hydration.

Finally, Ultimate Intra Pump is not only loaded with top-notch ingredients, but it also tastes fantastic. With multiple flavour options and easy-to-mix 25g servings, it's the perfect intra-workout supplement for anyone looking to maximize their workout potential.


Please note, our new Intra Pump may clump slightly in the tub. This will not effect the mix-ability and the effectiveness of the the product… CLUMPS = PUMPS 😉!

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