Vitamin K2

Size: 30 Capsules
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Revive Supplements Vitamin K2 is a highly bioavailable form of vitamin K2, which is essential for bone and heart health. Vitamin K2 plays a critical role in regulating calcium levels in the body. It works by activating proteins that help deposit calcium in the bones and teeth, while preventing calcium buildup in the arteries and soft tissues. This helps maintain healthy bone density and cardiovascular health.
If you're looking to support your bone and heart health, consider adding Revive Supplements Vitamin K2 to your daily regimen.

Daily Bone & Heart Support

While Vitamin K2 works effectively on its own, it's recommended to pair it with Vitamin D3. This pair of vitamins feed off one another in order to optimize their abilities within the body. Vitamin D3 is responsible for removing calcium from the blood, while Vitamin K2 aids with calcium transportation into the bones. These two essentials also prevent mineral build ups within the arteries and veins that can lead to heart complications. We now offer this pair as a bundle.


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