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The human brain is the command center that enables thoughts, memory, movement, and emotions. Maintaining these functions through life is of critical importance for the health of the brain, but also for performance in activities of daily living and quality of life. Brain+ was designed as a stimulant-free, comprehensive product to support general brain health, improved focus, and overall sense of well-being (i.e., improved mood). 

Unlike many all-in-one brain-targeted supplements on the market, Brain+ was designed as a stimulant-free way of providing all-day mental clarity and focus. Brain+ contains nutrients that support continuous brain functions, provide substrate for the synthesis of important brain chemicals involved in motivation and learning, boost the sense of wellbeing and stabilises mood, act as antioxidants in the brain, and promote cellular brain health. 

Use Directions

Take four (4) capsules once daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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