Blackstone Labs DUST X - RED SUPPS


Hands down Blackstone Labs DUST X  is our best selling product in extreme pre-workout category. It really does what says on the tin. Long lasting energy, intense focus and mind-muscle connection. Muscle pumps are on point as well as the performance. Flavour ain't bad, especially considering DUST X's ingredients package. If you like extreme pre-workouts - try DUST X. You won't be disappointed.


Original Manufacturer Description

Heading into the gym you should be focused on one thing and one thing only -- complete and utter destruction of the iron. To get your mind and muscles prepared for the impending battle with the weights, you need a pre workout that emboldens you with the fire of 1,000 suns and the energy of a supernova. You need a cutting-edge pre-workout that will push you to the utmost extreme and then a little more.

You need Dust X!

Dust X is the single most powerful and explosive pre-workout ever formulated. Each scoop delivers intense, long-lasting energy and sleeve-splitting pumps that will make you never want to leave the gym. Hardcore training demands a hardcore pre workout, and for that the only option is Dust X!