5 Supplements to Up Your Cardio Performance

If you’ve reached a plateau with your cardio performance or looking for an extra boost to reach your cardio goal, try some of our best-selling supplements for cardio to be your best!

Powder Supplements for Cardio

If powder and water is your favorite supplement combination, try our best-selling Trojan Horse! All three flavors of our non-stimulant fat burner (Lemon-Lime, Black Currant, Sweet Tea) are all 60 servings. This powder formulation was created to help you burn fat and lose weight without the jitters that typically come with supplements. This formula enhances your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms, without the anxiety, jitters, or crash of typical fat burners.

For a different option, try the Lipocide Instant Release! Buy Raspberry Lemonade or Tropical Thunder for a fruity taste and fat-burning effect. This supplement has been the key for 19 times Olympia Champion Coach, Hany Rambod. This formula was created to give athletes the energy they need while also burning more calories during their cardio workouts. The ingredients in the Lipocide IR ensure an energy boost without a crash. Another feature that makes this product so unique is its ability to curb appetite. This helps athletes perform at their best while also reducing their cravings.

But don’t take our word for it about how great our product is. One customer left a review on Lipocide saying “I use Evogen Products throughout the year ( off season/on season) Lipocide IR does what it says on the tin. Perfect for cardio, works almost immediately. Good quality you know what you are getting ( no dodgy ingredients). Well worth trying especially if you compete.”

Our last powder supplement for cardio recommendation and best seller is the Carnigen. Each flavor (Grape, Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon) has 50 servings to enhance metabolism and recovery. This powder has fat-burning characteristics thanks to its efficient and potent ingredients. This cardio supplement works great when combined with Lipocide so you can receive the metabolic benefits to lose weight and an energy boost to perform your best. 

Pill Supplements for Cardio

If pills are more efficient for your daily routine, then we have two recommendations for you! The first on the best-seller list is ViperX. This supplement for cardio is a little different than the powder supplements. The 60 capsules will target fat loss, like the other supplements, but it will also increase mood and focus. This supplement for cardio is a great replacement for caffeine addicts who are struggling to quit. Instead of a morning coffee to perk up your mornings and workout, ViperX can be your pure energy and fat-burning replacement!

The last pill supplement for cardio recommendation is our best-selling PARABURN - Stim Fat Burner & Thermogenic. This cardio supplement is also a great capsule to incorporate into your morning routine as it will burn fat, suppress appetite, and boost your energy levels! Natural ingredients like caffeine anhydrous, achyranthes aspera, and 6-paradol work together to stimulate your mind and your metabolism. Talk about a productive morning and workout with these products!

If you’re ready to up your cardio workouts and go harder, faster, or longer, you need to try one of our best-selling supplements for cardio! Become the ultimate athlete you know you can be with any of these products to give you that extra boost you need. Whatever product you buy, you’ll receive next-day delivery so you can be the best athlete as soon as tomorrow!

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