Get Muscle Gains with Blackstone Muscle Supplements

Followers and customers have been raving about Blackstone on social media, and for a good reason! It’s because their muscle supplements work and give results. Here are the Blackstone muscle supplements customers have been praising.


Blackstone Muscle Supplement Recommendation #1: AbNORmal - Hardcore Muscle Builder

This Blackstone muscle supplement, AbNORmal - Hardcore Muscle Builder, is a 19-NorDEA prohormone. It’s a popular supplement for building muscle as it increases testosterone. And an increase in testosterone means an increase in performance, strength, and endurance. And AbNORmal has THREE forms of 19-NorDEA, making it one of the most powerful and popular anabolics of all time.  This muscle supplement is unique because of its 99% absorption rate. Most oral supplements have to pass through the liver a minimum of 3 times before entering the bloodstream. But, AbNORmal is different because the supplement has fat and water-soluble coatings which allows the supplement to pass through the liver and immediately enter the bloodstream. One review said it was an “absolutely brilliant product”. Another said, “After 14 days of use, I can see the effects”. 

Blackstone Muscle Supplement Recommendation #2: Brutal 4CE - Hardcore Muscle Builder

The 60 tables in this Blackstone muscle supplement, Brutal 4CE - Harcore Muscle Builder, helps you gain mass and strength quickly. Like the AbNORmal supplement, this product will also absorb quickly into the bloodstream because of its fat and water-soluble coatings. The main ingredient in this muscle builder is 4-DHEA, the ultimate anabolic hormone for building size and strength. DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone (a mouthful, we know!) naturally occurs in the body to produce hormones like testosterone and estrogen. This decreases as you age, which is why this muscle supplement is great for all ages. The 4-DHEA blend ends in your system as testosterone to help you build lean muscle. One customer wrote how happy they are with the product because it doesn’t affect their sleep and gives them the strength to add more weight to their workouts. 


Blackstone Muscle Supplement Recommendation #3: EpiSmash - All-Natural Muscle Builder

For an all-natural muscle supplement, Blackstone has the product for you! The EpiSmash - All-Natural Muscle Builder is 60 tablets of 100mg of Laxogenin and 150mg of Epicatechin to increase protein synthesis and muscle growth and recovery. Laxogenin is a natural plant-based anabolic to increase strength, athletic performance, and body composition in 2 weeks! This ingredient also decreases cortisol, which makes for better metabolism, faster recovery, and muscle growth. Epicatechin is an extract from dark chocolate that decreases myostatin (a protein in the body that stops muscle growth). By decreasing myostatin, you increase muscle growth and fat loss. This product is great for men or women and for all muscle-building goals. It can naturally help consumers maintain gains, cuts, or bulking up. One customer wrote “I felt it start to kick in after a week and gradually I started to notice an increment of strength. I managed to increase up to 15% weights in exercise.” 

For your muscle-building needs and Blackstone muscle supplements, Red Supps has a product for every fitness goal (building muscle, cardio performance, recovery and nutrition) health objective, and need! 

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