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Creatine is among one of the most researched supplements on the market. Its benefits with respect to increasing muscle strength and size are undeniable. However, the amount of different types of creatine is sometimes overwhelming and instead of providing a wider choice, it provides more confusion and makes it difficult for many to know which one is most suitable for them.

Ten Types of Creatine in One Product

That is exactly what Crea-Ten is. While the jury is out on whether this is any better than picking a single creatine source, it is in keeping with the ethos of Rich Piana's 5% Nutrition line to only introduce products with a distinctive makeup and Crea-Ten is certainly that. Creatine's benefits for athletes has been covered before but in short it is a performance enhancer for high intensity activities which typically is worth an extra couple of reps on a weight which you might typically only get 8 reps out on otherwise.

Creatine Synergists for Better Results

Crea-Ten, like any other creatine product needs to be used for a couple of weeks before noticeable effects can be felt but Crea-Ten adds various synergists such as fenugreek which may help improve creatine uptake into the muscle but without the need for carbohydrates. It accomplishes this by using a class of supplements called glucose disposal agents which enables your body to transport nutrients more effectively into the muscle.

Suggested Use

Crea-Ten is recommended to be consumed after your workout but for optimal results take a serving before and after training. Crea-Ten can be taken year round, indeed it should be for best results.

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