Size: 30 servings
Flavour: Raspberry
Prix réduit£27.49


JOIN-IN, is a highly concentrated joint formula, combining the most effective Ingredients possible, at maximum doses. (30 servings)

We have combined uc2 , the most effective version of collagen for aiding in ligament and tendon health, alongside Msm, Glucosamine, Cissus, Chondroitin, Boswellia and Hyaluronic acid, all in doses far beyond any other supplement on the market. 

We are the only joint supplement on the market to use 7 ingredients, all in one, to help you keep your body working towards your goals.

Take join in, as far from training as possible, therefore if you train early morning , take Join in before bed, and Vice versa. If you train mid day, take it either morning or night, whatever is furthest from training. 

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